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Family is the heart and soul of our lives. We appreciate how critical family petitions are to the lives of our clients. Having worked on spousal, parent, child, and sibling cases for over a decade, Garfinkel Immigration Law can help guide your important case through multiple complex bureaucracies. Whether you need a few questions answered or require intensive assistance throughout, we will be there for you. Our goal is to prevent and solve your immigration problems. We do this by helping clients strategically gather and assemble evidence. We also do this by helping to prepare our clients for interviews with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. With a good understanding of what to expect, you can be more confident and able to address the questions a government officer may have.

What is at stake? If you don't get help from an expert immigration lawyer, you could be putting your work, your family, and your future in jeopardy. Garfinkel Immigration Law is in the business of preventing and solving immigration problems. We can help you with employment and family visas, permanent and temporary petitions, asylum, deportation defense, work permits, and much more. You can get started on your case now by scheduling an appointment online. We offer in person, video, or phone appointments for clients around the world.


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Are you interested in a professional, academic, investor, or other employment-based visas? With a complex bureaucratic landscape and ever-changing laws, regulations, and federal agency guidance, trusted legal help has never been more vital. We can help you approach your case in a strategic manner, with an eye on important details, recent trends in adjudication, and critical timelines.

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