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Getting Started On Your Case


What is the First Step?

To take action on your case and increase your chances of success, the first step is a consultation with a strategic and experienced attorney. At our consultations, we provide you with an opportunity to explain your situation, get important information, ask questions, and get answers. The attorney listens when you describe your situation, highlights the steps involved, discusses strategies, and provides answers. At Garfinkel Immigration Law, we approach cases with an aim to prevent problems, strategically handle existing issues, and ensure that clients understand the process. This approach begins with our consultation.

Schedule A Consultation:

For our standard 45 minute consultation, we charge $190. For our 90-minute extended consultation, or a review of documents or forms, the fee is $350. For both types of consultations, we require a non-refundable deposit of $20, then the remaining amount ($170 or $330) just prior to the appointment. If you choose the 45 minute consultation, then decide you want 90 minutes instead, if the attorney is available that day or the next, you can change anytime up to or during the consultation by paying the difference, which is $160.

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